Women on the Move

a networking group with the purpose of meeting, sharing new ideas, and developing opportunities between local women.

Networking and Relationship Building

The primary objective of a WOTM is to provide a platform for members to connect, build relationships, and expand their professional networks.

Professional Development and Education

WOTM Empowers women in business by providing opportunities for professional growth and learning. Skills development, knowledge sharing, and staying updated on industry trends.

Support and Empowerment

WOTM offers a supportive and empowering environment. We foster a sense of community, providing encouragement, and addressing challenges that women may face in the business world.

We establish entrepreneurial networking, connection, collaboration and mentoring…

About Us

Women on the Move began in 2003 with a luncheon at Gip’s Restaurant on International Women’s Day (March 8).  The function, an initiative of the Queensland Department of State Development and sponsored by a number of local businesses, featured Gayle Hogan (previously Head of the CIB).

What became overwhelmingly obvious following this event was that women wanted more of the same!  They wanted the opportunity to hear from speakers like Gayle; they wanted the opportunity to meet more women in a friendly, non-threatening environment; they wanted – Women on the Move.

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Kindness and Collaboration


Integrity and Professionalism


Proactive Engagement

We extend a warm invitation to you to join our vibrant and empowering community of women in business! As a member of WOTM, you’ll discover a world of opportunities for networking, professional growth, and unwavering support. We believe in the strength of collaboration and aim to foster meaningful connections. Join us for engaging events, including monthly meetings at a members workplace, and a community that celebrates your achievements. Together, we strive to build a network where your aspirations are not just heard but celebrated, and where every woman’s success becomes a shared triumph. Become a valued member of  Women On The Move (WOTM)  today!


Monthly networking events


Supportive and inclusive culture


Meaningful connections

The WOTM Way…

Kindness fosters a positive and supportive atmosphere within the group. Members approach interactions with empathy and a collaborative spirit and contribute to a community where everyone feels valued and encouraged. Building relationships with a foundation of kindness strengthens the fabric of the WOTM network.

What members say!


I have been a member of WOTM off and on since pretty much 20 years ago It was built with passion and enthusiasm and was the place to be with up to 800 members at its peek Somethings never change, women supporting women, positive, networking, giving back to community. It’s a happy safe space I enjoy connecting with

Kim Cahill



I have been going to WOTM for the last 2 years and what I love about it is connecting with and meeting other Toowoomba business women.




Katie Robertson Kelk

ECM Consulting


I’m an infrequent flyer of WOTM due to business commitments. However, every time I go, I’m grateful I’ve been. The highlight this year was the event hosted by Kim Cahill KC Strategic Media Services and Natalie Fogarty Vigour Graphics. The women were just so lovely & what a beautiful vibe it was.
Thank you, WOTH.


Shell's Kitchen


Second Tuesday of the month

5.30pm - 7.30pm

$10 p/h Non Members
Members Free
Please Bring some cash for raffle tickets.
Bring a prize for the raffles if you would like.

Contact Info

Located in Toowoomba

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