In the heart of Toowoomba, on Friday, March 8th, 2024, something truly magical unfolded. Over a hundred vibrant women gathered at Gip’s Restaurant Function Room to commemorate International Women’s Day. It was a day of joy, camaraderie, and empowerment that left a lasting impression on everyone present.

The atmosphere was electric as the room filled with hugs, laughter, and an undeniable sense of solidarity. Each woman brought her own unique story, her own journey, but together they formed a tapestry of strength and resilience.

The day was not just about celebration; it was also a platform for voices to be heard. Delicious food filled the room as speeches resonated with wisdom, passion, and inspiration. Ann-Marie Johnson, with her captivating presence, not only charmed as the Emcee but also delivered a stirring speech. Joy Mingay and Niamh Gilberd and Leanne Gillam, as guest speakers, shared their insights, experiences, and dreams, igniting sparks of inspiration in every listener. Our President Kim Cahill spoke beautifully with support and enthusiasm of the event and thank everyone for their contribution and attendance.

Gratitude flowed through the air, not only from the attendees but also towards the remarkable women who organised the event. Each speaker and organiser was honoured with large beautiful hampers from Graziers Daughter, a token of appreciation for their dedication and hard work in making the evening a success.

Generosity radiated from every corner, as sponsors poured their support into the event. Their contributions, whether large or small, played an integral role in creating a truly unforgettable experience. Gift bags valued at over $250 each were given to every lady, a testament to the generosity and commitment of these sponsors.

Among the highlights of the day were the stunning floral arrangements adorning the tables created by High on Blooms. Not only did they add a touch of elegance to the ambience, but they were also available for purchase, allowing attendees to take home a piece of the celebration.

As the day drew to a close, hearts were full, spirits uplifted, and bonds strengthened. International Women’s Day 2024 in Toowoomba was more than just a celebration; it was a reaffirmation of the power of women coming together to uplift, inspire, and create change.

In the echoes of laughter and the warmth of shared experiences, the legacy of this extraordinary day lives on, reminding us all of the incredible strength and resilience that lies within every woman.

Please join us in thanking the following businesses:

MK Studio Beauty Toowoomba

BOQ Rangeville

Terri Adams-Munn – Ten Thousand Dreams

Leanne Gillam – Real Estate Toowoomba

Better Your Business

HB Group @hbrecruitment

Fernwood Fitness @fernwood_toowoomba

Amplify You Marketing

Bare + Free Bare + Free

Bloom Holistic Collective Yoga Studio

GF Oats Australia


Happy Healthy HQ

Mindy Bangel

N.G Virtual Solutions

Palm Lake Resort

The Sandalwood Connection

SMITH Diesel Fitting Pty Ltd

Social Me

Sophia Beauty Lab Australia

Vigour Graphics